You do not need to worry about how to pay your staffs. Fide Payroll Team will solve all the payroll related issues for you from calculating the salary, leave management, payroll database, and many more.

Welcome to the Fide Payroll Services

Salary Calculation

You can always get the accurate salary calculation on every month or weekly basis.

Leave Administration

You can get up-to-date and accurate leave report form all

your employee including annual leave, sick leave, maternity

or paternity leave, hospitalization leave, and many more.

Salary Payment

You can always issue a salary payment to your

employees by cheque or GIRO.

Singapore CPF Monthly Payment

Every employer is required by the Singapore government

to pay CPF to local employees.

Payroll Database

You do not need to keep track of all your payroll information, we will send you an updated report daily

and timely.

Issuing IR8A for Personal Tax

You do not need to worry about IR8A when Fide Payroll

Team will do the statutory annual filing on your behalf.

Payroll Statistics

You will get the statistics for all your employee payroll

and leave records.

Staff of Excellence

You can get to know the staff of excellence in your

company, those who are working hardest. You name it.